Take the Pain Out of Traffic Violations

There are a lot of factors behind why you would be speeding on the interstate or any other road for that matter. For one, it could be the office blues from a tough day at your Jacksonville office because of a grumpy boss, who just would not understand, or an teenage child who adamantly refused to listen, or a late night party which caused you to wake up late and almost miss an important meeting at work. Driving fast on that day could be your outlet to rebel or to get somewhere on time. While we as human beings may understand the root cause, the law doesn’t. When you get pulled over by a cop for speeding, you need to pay, both with your money and your time. The good news is that if you are in Jacksonville, all you need to do is to reach out to your friends, Fast Easy Ticket, who is arguably the best traffic ticket lawyer Jacksonville.

While, at no point, we condone speeding or violating traffic laws, we realize that mistakes do happen and need to be dealt with. After a speeding ticket or traffic violation, you would invariably take a vow to never again walk the same line. You would also hope for someone to ease out the process for speeding tickets Jacksonville. Here’s where we come in, making the whole process streamlined and straightforward. We are a reputed group of traffic lawyers who know every rule in the book to present your perspective to the court in the best manner possible. We save you precious time and money in terms of court time and traffic school.


How do you go about it?

Well, the first step is to pay us a nominal lawyer’s fee of $49 and submit your contact information. We contact you immediately via email, confirm the order, and get started. As per the case, we assign you with a speeding ticket lawyer Jacksonville court who would be representing you. In case the charges have legal errors, we don’t rest on status quo and have a knack of getting them dropped.

After the hearing, we get back to you on the outcome and give you a pay slip and guide you where to pay the fines, or court fees, as applicable. We take the heartaches out of traffic tickets and speeding tickets Jacksonville.

You can also reach us for Criminal traffic cases as well. There have been instances where criminal traffic charges were dropped just because the lawyers investigated thoroughly and were able to find glaring leaks in the story. Our duty as traffic ticket lawyer Jacksonville is that when you are right, we stand by you, till the very end, giving it everything we’ve got to help you come out victorious.

If your traffic ticket has a check next to CRIMINAL VIOLATION COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED or INFRACTION COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED, please contact us immediately through www.MalcolmAnthony.com or reach out to Malcolm Anthony on (904) 285-4529 to initiate a proper representation.