What Happens After I Pay?

After you submit your payment we will:

  1. Contact you via email and confirm your order
  2. Review your ticket details with our legal team to determine if there are any legal errors with your citation(s) to have the charge(s) dismissed
  3. Plan our strategy to address your citation Go to court, and present your case and request dismissal if appropriate or Plead No Contest and request a Withhold Adjudication of Guilt – NO POINTS – no conviction
  4. After going to court for you, we will inform you of the outcome and provide to you a pay slip with specific instructions on when, how, and where to pay the fines and/or court costs
  5. We will keep you updated throughout this process via email

What Is The Process?

Step One

Enter your traffic ticket number(s), send a brief description of what happened (facts) and your reasons for wanting to avoid points on your license (mitigation) and pay the $89 fee for the first ticket.

Step Two

We will go to traffic court for you – you will not need to go to court- we will speak on your behalf, enter a No Contest plea, inform the court of any special facts and mitigation in your case, and request that there be no conviction and no points assessed. If there is a legal reason to ask the court to dismiss the case, we will do that.

Step Three

We will then send you the disposition information and for your convenience and ease of payment, we will provide you with an addressed and stamped payment envelope, so all you have to do is write a check for the fine, place it in the envelope, and put it in the mail.

Upgrade Option

For an additional $29 we will purchase and use your permanent driving history in order to better represent you. If your driving record is poor, we will know ahead of time and be prepared to answer the judge, and if it is good, we will be able to leverage your clean driving record with the court to try to get “no points.” We will send you a copy of your complete driving record for your files.

FAST…EASY WARNING: The fees do not include a trial of the case in any way. You are agreeing to plead No Contest and we are endeavoring to have the court “Withhold Adjudication of Guilt” – “NO POINTS.”

Need More Information?

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Malcolm Anthony has been handling traffic tickets as well as criminal violations for over a quarter of a century. We actually go to traffic court for you and present your side of the case. Some services merely send the request in writing and do minimal work on your behalf. Please do not hesitate to click on the about us page or visit our main law firm website at to learn more about us.
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Fast Easy Ticket handles non-criminal traffic infractions for the fee listed. To see if your ticket is a civil ticket that can be handled through Fast Easy Ticket, just look at the lower portion of the ticket. You will see three boxes. To qualify, the bottom of the three boxes should be checked. It reads: Infraction which does not require appearance in court. If either of the first two boxes is checked, you must visit our law firm website at

Although we cannot GUARANTEE the court will grant our request to Withhold Adjudication of Guilt: “No Points” on your behalf, our testimonies speak for themselves. We can guarantee if you do not hire us and instead decide to pay the ticket, you will be found guilty and receive points on your license.

You will be emailed a “Case Outcome Letter.” then we will call you by phone to confirm receipt of that email.

The ticket(s) must be written in Duval, Baker, Bay, Bradford, Brevard, Broward, Calhoun, Charlotte, Citrus, Clay, Collier, Duval, Nassau or St. Johns Counties. We will be adding more counties soon.

Please contact Malcolm Anthony at (904) 800-9484 immediately for help with DUI related charges.