CONTRACT FOR LEGAL SERVICES – in the following agreement, you and the law firm of Malcolm Anthony, P. A. are the only parties to the agreement. You are designated as “I” or “me” and the law firm of Malcolm Anthony, P. A. is designated as “the Lawyer.” I hereby retain the Lawyer to represent me in regards to the ticket(s) I listed and I hereby grant to the Lawyer the exclusive right to take all legal steps in regard to representing me regarding the ticket(s) listed.

I specifically authorize the lawyer to PLEAD GUILTY OR NO CONTEST to the charges listed by the ticket(s) listed. The Lawyer agrees to request a Withholding of Adjudication of Guilt. Furthermore, I authorize the Lawyer to agree to assessment of an increased fine and/or a requirement to attend traffic school or both in order to achieve a Withholding of Adjudication of Guilt – “No Points.” I understand the court may assess the fines, require driving school and NOT grant the request for “No Points.”

I understand that I may be subject to a driver’s license suspension if convicted of a traffic ticket listed and specifically agree that any suspension resulting from the ticket(s) is my responsibility and I hold the Lawyer harmless for any driver’s license suspension I may receive from the ticket(s).

The Lawyer is not obligated to have a trial on the ticket(s) for the fee quoted on Fast Easy Ticket. If a trial is set, the Lawyer will attempt to contact me via email and discuss what a trial fee would be and whether I will pay a trial fee for such trial representation.

I understand the representation is for non-criminal traffic infraction representation only. The lawyer is not obligated in any way by this contract to represent me in any matter deemed to be criminal. The lawyer will attempt to contact me via email if I mistakenly list a criminal citation and determine if the lawyer can represent me in the criminal matter pursuant to a separate contract for legal services for a criminal case.

All fees paid by me are non-refundable flat fees paid in advance. The Lawyer is not obligated to perform any work until the entire fee is paid. There are no guarantees, express or implied, as to the outcome of my ticket case(s).

I specifically agree to hold the lawyer harmless regarding the outcome of my ticket cases(s).