Malcolm is a seasoned attorney with a high success rate in DUIs and license offenses. He has a long-running relationship with St. Johns and Duval county law enforcement and court systems that has served his clients and their cases well. Malcolm is passionate about upholding the rights of his clients and their needs, while defending and protecting their privacy and reputation all with the utmost integrity. You will get peace of mind with Malcolm Anthony as your lawyer.


Hello, my name is Malcolm Anthony. I created FastEasyTicket because I was in Duval County traffic court one day providing ticket defense on a speeding ticket. I was looking at all the people waiting in the courtroom, wasting their work day, just to get to tell their story and ask the judge to not give them points from their speeding tickets on their driver’s license so their insurance rates would not skyrocket. They were missing work to sit for hours.

Then I saw several traffic ticket lawyers in the Jacksonville traffic court who were paid $200 to $400 per traffic ticket by their wealthy clients to stand in the courtroom for them as their traffic ticket lawyer….and they got their cases called first!
It seemed unfair.


Why shouldn’t those without $200 to $400 to spend not get good traffic ticket lawyer defense, and be able to stay at work earning a living.

I created FastEasyTicket to provide the same or better legal ticket representation for people who can’t afford the expense of $200 to $400 just to talk to their lawyer for a few minutes and have him go to court for them.
I created FastEasyTicket to provide my legal services and experience to folks who don’t want points on their license but don’t want to miss work for half a day and don’t want to pay an exorbitant lawyer fee.

The online nature of FastEasyTicket solves the problem. FastEasyTicket captures your story and the ticket story – the things your lawyer should know in order to achieve your goal of no points – without the overhead and time expense associated with scheduling time with you over the phone or in the office to meet and discuss the same things you can provide online. I love being able to read my clients’ stories about who they are and about how they got the ticket and fully preparing for their ticket case, and I get to do it when I am not distracted. I get to concentrate on each one on my time. It makes me a better lawyer. I can provide better representation.

AND IT’S CHEAPER! Because I don’t have to schedule time for the office or the phone, I can handle a ticket case for a lot less fee. I can solve the problem I saw in the courtroom!
I feel honored to bring expert legal representation to a greater number of people, giving them the same edge the wealthy have. It feels empowering. I love what I do.



I have been a member of the Florida Bar since 1983, over 35 years, and have handled thousands of ticket cases over that time.
Twice Former Prosecutor (Seventh and Fourth Circuits)
Former Special Prosecutor of Economic Crimes
Former General Counsel for Medical Consulting and Home Care Consortium
Former Practice Areas: Traffic Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Family Law, Injury Law, Insurance Law, School Law, Healthcare Law Sole owner successful law firm last 26 years

Quality Service:

Highest rating for Legal Ability and Ethical Standards (AV) by Martindale-Hubbell/Lexis-Nexis
Highest lawyer rating (10.00) by
Rated by 904 Magazine as one of Northeast Florida’s top lawyers for Criminal Defense
Former Adjunct Professor Business Law UNF
Former Instructor Constitutional Law and Search and Seizure Law (Law Enforcement Academy)

Committed to Justice:

Member Attorney, Alliance Defending Freedom
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Panel Attorney for Concealed Carry Association

Committed to Community:

Former Pres. and Co-founder of St. John’s Academy Private School
Former Board Member Ponte Vedra Chamber of Commerce
Member St. Johns County Bar Association
Former Pres. and co-founder Jacksonville Beaches Bar Association

“With my 37 years of experience I am committed to honor and justice and ensuring an enhanced understanding of real people involved in real issues affecting their lives when they come to the halls of the courthouse.”

This was my first time using this site and the result was good. I didn’t miss work (l couldn’t miss work) and the end result was really good for me.

Natalie M. / Jacksonville Beach, Florida

I needed help dealing with my traffic ticket. A friend of mine told me about this website and said they would go to court for me and deal with it on my behalf. I am happy with how it worked out and wanted to say thank you.

Hosea L. / Jacksonville, Florida

After receiving my second speeding ticket of the year, I thought I was out of luck and would have to deal with points on my license. I had taken the traffic class already once this year — the maximum. I hired Fast Easy Ticket with the hopes of having no points on my license since I had no options for attending traffic school. They were successful, leaving me more time to concentrate on other things…such as slowing down!

Dennis W.