Fast Easy Ticket is the Best Traffic Ticket Lawyer Jacksonville

You will never know when you will need a traffic ticket lawyer Jacksonville but if you do, remember the name Fast Easy It has a team of experienced lawyers that can help you get out of traffic school in Duval County.

For only $49, Fast Easy Ticket will handle all the matters regarding civil traffic violations such as speeding tickets and suspended license. The fee doesn’t cover the other fees that the court will assess after hearing your case.

Someone from its team of experienced lawyers will represent you in court. Lawyers from Fast Easy Ticket know all the ins and outs of traffic laws in Jacksonville, and they will use loopholes to get you out of jail or traffic school. You don’t need to waste money and time on the court, traffic school and traffic tickets.

To get the services of Fast Easy Ticket, just go to its website and register. Once your payment is verified, the company will contact you through email to confirm the payment. Then the legal team will discuss the ticket details with you to find out whether there are legal errors with the tickets.

The next step is planning a strategy to fight the citation in court. The firm will present the case and request for a dismissal or plead no contest, which ever suits your case. Then the lawyer will request for a Withhold Adjudication of Guilt, which will result to no conviction and no points on your record.

Then Fast Easy Ticket will inform you of the results and give a pay slip with instructions regarding the payment of fines and other court costs. The company will keep you updated about your traffic case through email. And best of all, you don’t need to take some time off work because you don’t have to appear in traffic court.

Fast Easy Ticket can also handle civil tickets as long as the infraction doesn’t require the person to appear in the court. If an appearance is needed, there are other lawyers that can assist you in your case.

Malcolm Anthony is considered one of the best traffic ticket lawyer Jacksonville. He has a high success rate when it comes to license offenses and DUIs. He has a good standing with the Jacksonville law enforcement as well as the county’s court systems that are advantageous for his clients.

Garrett Muscato is an Associate Attorney, who is exposed to the federal justice system because of his work with United States Secret Service, Chicago Field Office. He was part of the Pro Bono Unit of the Jacksonville Area Legal Aid after his graduation from law school. He is a member of the Florida Bar and a traffic ticket lawyer Jacksonville as part of Fast Easy Ticket.