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Drive Safe Jacksonville – 4 Florida Driving Laws Newcomers Should Know

Drive Safe Jacksonville - 6 Florida Driving Laws Newcomers Should Know

Driving in a Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas can be a daunting experience for even the most experienced drivers. Not being familiar with your surroundings, having no recognizable landmarks to orientate yourself, and trying to navigate one-way road systems can be very challenging. Florida driving laws can also change from state-to-state and drivers need to be aware of the local driving laws when they are driving in a Jacksonville, Florida to avoid being issued a Jacksonville speeding ticket or end up having to pay a Duval County speeding ticket and having to start searching for a ‘cheap traffic ticket lawyer near me’.

Whether you are visiting Jacksonville, Florida for business, coming to the Sunshine State for vacation, or you are simply a newcomer to the Jacksonville, Florida area, it’s important that you familiarize yourself with the local driving laws. The last thing you want is to see flashing blue lights in your rear view mirror for committing a Jacksonville traffic ticket offense that you weren’t even aware existed. Ignorance is not a valid excuse in the eyes of the law, so take the time to become familiar with Florida’s driving laws before getting behind the wheel… or you just might need a speeding-ticket lawyer in Jacksonville.

What Driving Laws Are Different In The Jacksonville,Florida Area?

While the majority of Florida’s driving laws aren’t similar to those of other states, there are some unique instances that you should be aware of. Jacksonville, Florida’s driving environment is unique as people live here from all over the world and all of these people have very different driving styles. Due to Duval County, St. Johns County and Clay County’s area’s being a retiree favorite place to live, there are also a lot more senior citizens on the road. These factors all contribute to a unique driving environment that has lead to some unique Florida driving laws.

Non-US Citizens Need A Drivers License

For visitors coming from outside the USA, a legal driving permit is required to drive in Florida. Prior to 2013, non-US citizens could drive in Florida using their regular license from their home country. However, in 2013 the laws changed, requiring all drivers from foreign countries to acquire an international driver’s permit in their home country before arriving in Florida. Non-compliance with this law can result in your trip being tainted by having to pay a Duval County speeding ticket.

Talking On Your Mobile Phone While Driving Is Legal, But Not Recommended In Jacksonville, Fl

While, we don’t advise driving while talking on your mobile phone, or condone it, it is technically legal to do so in Florida. However, if you are involved in an accident while talking on your phone you could incur penalties under Florida’s distracted driving laws, leaving you searching frantically googling ‘cheap traffic ticket lawyer near me’. On the other hand, texting is absolutely illegal and if you are caught you it will be treated as a noncriminal traffic violation for first-time offenders. If you’re caught again, it becomes a moving violation, so be sure to put your phone down and concentrate on the road ahead.

The Move Over Driving Law

A driving law that is unique to Florida is known as the Move Over law. This law requires drivers to move their vehicle to the furthest away lane when a police car is parked along interstates or multi-lane roads. Drivers must also slow their driving speed to 20 miles per hour when they are passing. This law also applies to other emergency vehicles, tow trucks, and sanitation and utility vehicles. Pay close attention to where these vehicles are on the road and proceed appropriately or you may get a get speeding-ticket and need a speeding-ticket lawyer in Jacksonville.

Slow Drivers Beware

In Duval County, St. Johns County and Clay County, Florida, you can be issued with a ticket for driving too slow so be sure to proceed cautiously but not too slowly. Driving at a speed that is significantly lower than the speed limit can be dangerous and contribute to accidents. Florida driving laws encourage drivers to move with the speed of traffic to minimize disruption to the flow of traffic and to reduce the risk of accidents. Remember that driving slowly might help you to avoid having to pay a Duval county speeding ticket but driving too slow could result in you getting fined too.

Obey The Duval County, St. Johns County and Clay County Law To Avoid Speeding Tickets

Being aware of the local driving laws in Duval County, St. Johns County and Clay County, Florida will help you to avoid speeding-tickets when you’re visiting the Sunshine State. However, if you are issued with a Jacksonville speeding-ticket, be sure to get in touch with our team of expert traffic attorneys at Fast Easy Ticket. With our legal experience and expertise with Florida’s driving laws, our Jacksonville traffic ticket lawyers can help you to contest your speeding-ticket successfully and get back to enjoying your visit.

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