Speed Traps – 4 Ways Police Can Catch You Speeding In Florida

Speed Traps – 4 Ways Police Can Catch You Speeding In Florida

Speeding offenses are common in Florida and the police use a number of methods to catch offenders. Whether you are driving through the city, you’re out on the highway, or you’re driving through your local neighborhood, there is always a chance that you can get caught if you are driving over the limit. If you are caught speeding, you will be issued a ticket and you could end up with points on your license as a result.

Here at Fast Easy Ticket, we always advise that driving under the speed limit is always the best strategy when it comes to avoiding a speeding ticket. However, many drivers end up speeding at one point or another, whether it is intended or not. While the right ticket defense from our team at Fast Easy Ticket can help you to fight your ticket in court, being aware of the methods police use to catch speeding drivers can help you to avoid getting a ticket in the first place.

Below our specialist speeding ticket defense lawyers at Fast Easy Ticket look at the four primary ways that police in Florida can catch you speeding.

Radar – Radio Detection And Ranging

Radar has been a popular method used by police forces in Florida to catch speeding drivers since the 1950s. With this method, radio waves are bounced off a moving vehicle to determine how quickly it is moving. Radar is highly effective, however, it is essential that radar guns are collaborated regularly to ensure that the beam is straight and the readings are as accurate as possible. This can be an effective speeding ticket defense strategy when you’re fighting your ticket in court.

Aircraft And Helicopter Speed Checks

Due to the cost, aircraft and helicopter speed detection are not used as often as other methods. However, the police have access to this strategy and they do utilize it in certain areas from time-to-time. If the aircraft or helicopter detects that you are speeding they will notify ground patrol who will pull you over. To determine your speed, the pilot uses a stopwatch to track how long it takes for you to travel between two designated points.

Pacing By A Patrol Vehicle

If a patrol vehicle suspects that you are speeding they will often use a technique known as pacing. This is where they will catch up with your vehicle and maintain a constant distance between their vehicle and yours for a minimum of two-tenths of a mile to determine your speed. While many officers will pace for even further than the minimum required distance to issue a ticket, many will continue for longer to avoid the ticket being dismissed.

Laser Speed Detection

The latest addition to the police’s speed detecting repertoire is laser speed detectors. An officer will shoot the laser beam at the target vehicle to determine how quickly the vehicle is moving. The beam is bounced back to track the speed of the moving vehicle and inform the police officer of your driving speed. While laser speed guns are very accurate when used correctly, there is the chance of human error, they can be ineffective in dense traffic, and wind and rain can also impact the accuracy of the reading. Any of these issues can help you to mount a speeding ticket defense to have your ticket dismissed in court.

Contact Fast Easy Ticket If You Receive A Speeding Ticket In Florida

Although the police have a range of different ways to catch those driving above the speed limit, each of these methods has potential flaws that can ensure your case is dismissed. To create the best possible speeding ticket defense to fight your ticket, get in touch with our team at Fast Easy Ticket right away. With our experience and expertise with Florida speeding tickets, you will have every chance of successfully fighting your ticket.