Five Good Reasons to Hire a Speeding Ticket Lawyer Jacksonville

The fine may cause a strain to your budget, but points from your license can usher in a whole different world of inconvenience. If this instance occurs, you are looking at increased insurance premiums, and after you’ve maxed out, a complete forfeiture of your license. One solution to take is as easy as contracting a traffic ticket lawyer Jacksonville to handle your case. This low cost solution can provide you with a ruling that doesn’t remove points from your license and makes it possible to keep driving legally without hiked up insurance rates.

Ticket Lawyer Jacksonville

Our highly trained traffic ticket defense Jacksonville will work with you and the court to keep the damage to your driving record to a minimum. Without assistance, you may be looking at traffic school, long hours in court, lost work and wages, and points removed from your license. Experienced lawyers will help with their knowledge of the Duval County laws, and offer you an affordable solution to keeping your driving points where they belong – on your license.

Five Reasons to Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Jacksonville

#1 – With your placed order, our team will immediately contact you via email to confirm your request for assistance. The legal team will then review the details of the case, looking for errors in the filing that could very well get your charges dismissed.

#2 – Your legal team will then work through the details, determining advice concerning the citation. Based upon these discussions with you, they will present your citation to the judge a motion for dismissal if appropriate, or plead no contest with a withholding of adjudication of guilt, meaning no points removed.

#3 – You will not be required to attend the court hearing, and will be notified how the court adjourned. We will provide you with the proper paperwork to mail in a fine, with instructions on how, when, and where to so do.

#4 – You will be updated and kept informed through the entire process via email.

#5 – You don’t need to go to court and miss valuable work time. We do it all for you, and plead on your behalf. You don’t even need to be there.

Speeding Ticket Lawyer Jacksonville

Your life needs to move along, and you can accomplish this without points being taken from your license. Contact a traffic ticket lawyer Jacksonville today and move on with your life.