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* Attorney’s fee * You will be responsible to pay all fees and court costs which may be assessed

Don’t Pay that Ticket – You Know Somebody!

We handle all manner of civil traffic citations or violations, including speeding tickets and suspended license (unknowingly) and we’ll go to court to speak on your behalf. As an established firm of traffic lawyers, Fast Easy Ticket knows the language (including the loop holes) and will present your side of the case. Chances are, it is not your job to sit in court all day. It is ours. Why waste time and money that you don’t have on traffic school, court, and traffic tickets?

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Sirens are wailing, lights are flashing behind you, and your heart is pounding. The relief you are hoping to feel when the police car drives past you does not come as you realize you are the one being stopped.  Now what?

Why Choose Fast Easy Ticket?

  • Don’t want to take traffic school?

  • Don’t want to spend hours in court?

  • Can’t afford to leave work to go to court?

  • Don’t want the points?

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