Speeding Sanctions – An Overview Of The Traffic School Option

Speeding Sanctions – An Overview Of The Traffic School Option

As a driver in Florida, if you get caught driving over the posted speed limit, you could face fines, a court appearance, points on your license, license suspension, or even a trip to traffic school. To avoid incurring any of these penalties, the first thing you should do is call an experienced speeding ticket lawyer in Florida to help you fight your case.

In the unlikely case that the outcome of your case is not successful, you may need to go to traffic school, or you may choose to go to traffic school instead of getting points on your license. Traffic school can be dull and boring but it can often be a better choice than accumulating points on your driver’s license.

Below our Florida ticket lawyers at Fast Easy Ticket outline what you should need to consider when you’re faced with the option of traffic school.

Avoid Points On Your License

If you are pulled over for speeding, the very first thing you should do is search online for “speeding ticket lawyer near me”. With the help of an experienced Florida ticket lawyer, you can make the right decisions regarding the outcome of your case. Getting points on your driver’s license can result in higher insurance premiums, loss of your safer driver status, and your license being suspended if you accumulate too many points. With the help of a speeding ticket lawyer in Florida, you can avoid having points added to your licenses by enrolling in traffic school classes instead.

Eligibility For Traffic School

Many drivers who have been caught speeding, quickly find Fast Easy Ticket when they Google “speeding ticket lawyer near me” when they have been pulled over. Our Florida ticket lawyers are the best in the business and have helped countless drivers to get the best result from their cases. With the help of one of our experienced speeding ticket lawyers in Florida, you can quickly find if you are eligible to go to traffic school or not. Generally speaking, traffic school is available for those guilty of civil infractions, such as speeding. However, if you have already been to traffic school once in a twelve-month period, you will not be eligible for a repeat visit in that same timeframe, no matter how well our speeding ticket lawyers in Florida argue your case.

The Exceptional Cases

Should you hold a Class A, B, or C license then the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles considers you to be a commercial driver. In this case, you will not have the option of attending traffic school to have points removed from your license. While it might not seem fair that commercial drivers cannot attend traffic school to have points removed, unfortunately, these are the rules when it comes to speeding in Florida.

Give Yourself Every Chance Of Avoiding Expensive Fines Or Points On Your License

Maintaining a “clean” driver’s license, free of points, is important if you want to continue driving without having to pay extortionate insurance premiums or risk your license being suspended down the line. If you are caught speeding, be sure to search for a “speeding ticket lawyer near me” right away and get in touch with our experienced team at Fast Easy Ticket for the best advice as to how you can move forward with confidence.