Speeding In Duval County – What Happens If You Are Driving 30 Miles Or More Over The Limit?

Speeding In Duval County – What Happens If You Are Driving 30 Miles Or More Over The Limit?

Speeding is a dangerous game. Too many people risk fate and speed as a matter of course in their day. However, each time you drive over the limit, even a bit, you can potentially be pulled over and receive a hefty fine when issued with a Duval County traffic ticket. Push the speed up too high and you dramatically raise the possibility that you will have an accident and be in even more trouble.

Things get really serious when you push your speeding over thirty miles or more over the limit. At such a speed, there is a high probability that you will be caught by law enforcement and that you will face some serious consequences. While it is best to avoid driving so fast if at all possible, knowing some of these consequences will give you some motivation to go a bit lighter on the gas.

Let’s look at some of the things that happen if you are driving thirty miles or more over the limit.

License Suspension

Normally, your driver’s license can be suspended in Duval County if you collect too many points on your driving record. These points are accrued for a variety of traffic violations, especially speeding tickets. Too many “mild” Duval County traffic tickets and you will eventually lose your license (if they are accrued within too short of a time).

However, when you are traveling over thirty miles over the posted limit, you run the risk of getting an immediate suspension. Such a speed is deemed to be sufficiently worrisome that your driving ability can be called into question. In these circumstances, the option to attend a driving school to mitigate the consequences is not on the table and paying your speeding ticket in Duval County will be the least of your worries.


Beyond a suspension, you will also receive points on your driving record; four, to be precise. You may also receive up to six points if your speeding caused an accident. This amount of points will significantly increase your car insurance premium, adding more to the cost of paying your Duval County speeding ticket.


Naturally, there is also a big penalty involved in a Duval County traffic ticket from speeding thirty miles over the limit. When you go to pay your Duval County speeding ticket, you will face fines of up to five hundred dollars! Unfortunately, you also will not be able to pay for your ticket so easily. There is a mandatory court appearance involved with such speeding tickets.

Deal With Your Duval County Speeding Ticket

If you have received a ticket and are thinking about whether to pay your Duval County speeding ticket or fight it, then get in touch with a Florida ticket lawyer at Fast Easy Ticket Florida right away. Our team of traffic ticket attorneys will be able to provide you with the best advice on what to do in your situation and will be able to tell you whether your penalties can be reduced.