Pull-Over Protocol – 7 Things To Remember When You’re Pulled Over For Speeding

Pull-Over Protocol – 7 Things To Remember When You’re Pulled Over For Speeding

When you are pulled over by the police for speeding, many people start to panic. Whether you know you are guilty or not, it is important to stay calm. When you freeze up with anxiety and dread, then you can make mistakes and forget the fundamental things that you need to know when dealing with a Duval County traffic ticket.

Being prepared and having the most important things firmly in your mind when you are pulled over is essential. To remain prepared at all times, it is, of course, important to know what these things are in the first place. As outlined by our expert Duval County ticket lawyers at Fast Easy Ticket, let’s look at seven of the most important things to remember when you are pulled over for speeding.

Remain Calm

When interacting with the police in any circumstance, it is important to remain calm. You may have been speeding, but there is no sense in getting angry or confrontational with a police officer. This will only make things worse.

Deescalate And Comply

From the outset, it is important to demonstrate respect for the situation that you are in. You may not agree with the fact that you were speeding, but you need to enter the conversation with compliance. Start by turning off your car and putting your hands in a visible position to deescalate the situation.

Provide Your Information

It is important to continue to comply with what the police officer is asking of you. They will likely require a look at your driver’s license and your vehicle’s registration papers. Reach for these after the officer has asked you for them.

Ask Questions When Appropriate

After the officer has covered the basics of the ticket with you, you can politely and calmly ask them any questions you might have about the Duval County traffic ticket. Remember that this is not the right time to get into an argument about paying your Duval County speeding ticket.

Ask For Leniency

If you have been respectful and have complied with everything the officer has said, you may kindly plead your case for leniency with the ticket. Occasionally, the officer may see that you are undeserving of paying a Duval County speeding ticket and dismiss the matter right then and there.

Try To See The Speed Reading

In some cases, the officer will be obligated (or will allow you) to see the speed radar readout when you are being given a Duval County traffic ticket. Take down this information for use in a future court challenge.

End The Conversation Well

When the conversation is over, and you have received a ticket, make sure to end on a neutral note. If you do not want to pay your Duval County traffic ticket and want to challenge it, it is best if the officer does not feel antagonism towards you that will carry over into the courtroom.

Dealing With Your Duval County Speeding Ticket

Follow these tips to have the best possible encounter when being pulled over for a Duval County traffic ticket. Getting a ticket does not mean that you have to pay your Duval country speeding ticket. You can have the ticket dismissed or have the penalties lowered if you know what to do. Get in touch with our team of professional ticket lawyers at Fast Easy Ticket to have the best chance of challenging your ticket in court and having a successful outcome.