Get a Jacksonville Traffic Ticket Lawyer to Avoid License Suspension

No one wants to be driving along, trying to efficiently get from point A to point B, just to get startled by hearing the blaring sirens and seeing the flashing lights of a police car. Absolutely no one wants to be the singular reason why that specific police car is having its noisy light show, yet there are times when these are the unavoidable circumstances.  It is times like this when you are going to desperately need the services of a traffic ticket lawyer Jacksonville.

While the monetary liability attached to a traffic ticket is an annoyance, it is most times not the utmost feared aspect of the situation that you are placed in. The real problem for the vast majority of recipients of traffic tickets is the fact that they now are most likely faced with the looming threat of getting points on their driving record. Virtually all states use a point system to track infractions committed by drivers. Florida is one of these states and one the most common driving violations committed in Jacksonville is speeding; a speeding ticket lawyer Jacksonville can help you make the best out of this situation and alleviate the problem of you getting points on your record.

Gaining points on your record attribute nothing but negativity to your life, both on and off the road. These points can cost you dearly, with penalties ranging from increased insurance premiums to possible suspension and even revocation of your license. Even though your license can eventually be reinstated this process can burn hundreds of dollars out of your pockets with all the fees that come with it, so it’s best to pay a ticket lawyer Jacksonville to avoid the greater cost of a suspended license.

Suspension of your license can occur for incrementally increasing durations once you pass the 12 point mark on your record. A 30-day suspension occurs for 12 points within a year; a 3 month suspension occurs for 18 points within 18 months; a one year suspension for 24 points within 36 months. Having your license suspended means that you have to immediately hand it over to the DMV or face even greater penalties for failing to surrender it.

Exceeding the speed limit by more than 16 mph can cause as much as 4 points to be placed on your record, and just 3 of these offenses can mean a month’s suspension of your license. A solid traffic ticket defense Jacksonville can mean the difference between incurring these points on your record, risking suspension; and coming out of your horrid experience virtually unscathed and scot-free. This is why as soon and things start to go sour on the road and tickets become involved you should look into getting a ticket lawyer Jacksonville to help you get through these rough times and keep hold of your license.