Criminal Vs. Non-Criminal – Understanding Florida Speeding Ticket Violations

Criminal Vs. Non-Criminal – Understanding Florida Speeding Ticket Violations

Speeding is a common offense in Florida with more than 200,000 speeding citations being issued last year alone! With so many Floridians being pulled over for speeding on the state’s roads, it’s important that you are aware of the laws so you know where you stand. An experienced speeding ticket lawyer in Florida can help you to fight your speeding ticket and avoid incurring fines, penalties, or points on your license.

However, outside of the standard fines, penalties, and points that you can be issued for speeding, many people often ask our Fast Easy speeding ticket lawyers in Florida, it is possible to get jail time for driving too fast. While speeding in Florida is a non-criminal offense, police officers can issue a second ticket along with your speeding citation, which can go on your record.

Before you go searching for a ‘traffic citation lawyer near me’, let’s take a look at everything you should be aware of to stay safe on Florida’s roads.

Non-Criminal Vs. Criminal Violations

In Florida, you will be issued with points on your license for non-criminal traffic violations such as speeding, performing an illegal U-turn, tailgating, and hundreds of other common traffic violations. Since speeding is a non-criminal moving traffic violation having points on your license can lead to higher insurance premiums and your license being suspended in time. Be sure to contact a reputable speeding ticket lawyer in Florida to help you fight your ticket and avoid incurring potentially costly penalties.

Reckless Driving While Speeding

Remember that while speeding is not necessarily a criminal violation, reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor and you could be arrested. Your arrest might be because you were driving at high speed through a congested area during rush hour, however, the arrest will be related to the reckless driving charge, not the fact that you were driving too fast. In this situation, be sure to Google ‘traffic citation lawyer near me’ right away so you can take the appropriate action.

Can I Be Arrested For Speeding?

If you are pulled over for speeding but are not accused of any other moving violations, it is very unlikely that you will be arrested. Speeding typically means that you have been caught driving at a speed of 15mph or more above the legal limit. In this situation, you will usually have three points added to your license. If you are driving more than 15mph over the limit, this is a four-point infraction, resulting in four points being added to your license.

Seek Out Professional Legal Advice To Help You Out

If you are pulled over for speeding in Florida, it’s wise to call an experienced speeding ticket lawyer in Florida to help you fight your ticket as soon as possible. Points can add up over time and if you have accumulated twelve points or more within a one-year period, you will have your license suspended for thirty days and your insurance rates will increase significantly. If your insurance provider categorizes you as a ‘habitual offender’, you may find it difficult to get insured at an affordable rate in the future.

Get in touch with our team of speeding ticket lawyers in Florida at Fast Easy Ticket and let us help you to fight your ticket in court and get the best result possible from your case.

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