A Quick Overview Of Florida’s Point System For Speeding

Speeding is an offense that most people are guilty of at one time or another. It can become a habit that goes unnoticed until a police officer comes out of nowhere to give you a ticket. No one likes the sight of the blue and red lights in the rearview mirror, however, if you are pulled over for speeding, you could face a fine and points added to your license.

If you continue to get points on your license, this can eventually result in your license being suspended or even revoked. What’s more, accumulating points can drive up the cost of your car insurance over time. Make sure that you contact an experienced speeding ticket lawyer in Jacksonville if you are pulled over for speeding so you have every chance of fighting your ticket in court, allowing you to avoid the impact of having points on your license.

Continue reading to learn more about Florida’s point system for speeding and how points on your license can affect you.

The Reason Drivers Get Points

Drivers receive points on their license when they are cited for speeding. Depending upon the severity of the ticket, a greater number of points can be assigned. For example, if a driver is cited for reckless driving, the driver could receive more points than someone who is cited for going five miles an hour above the speed limit. To ensure you have every chance of having your ticket overturned, it’s always wise to seek the advice of an experienced Florida ticket lawyer as soon as possible.

What Could Happen When Points Are Added To Your License?

At first, the points given to a driver will just accumulate. Usually, nothing happens overnight. However, once the points add up to a certain number, the consequences quickly become evident. For example, twelve points in a twelve-month period will cause the driver to have their license suspended for thirty days. If eighteen points are accumulated during an eighteen-month period, your driver’s license could be suspended for three months.

If your driver’s license is accumulating points, you should consult a speeding ticket lawyer in Florida as quickly as you can. Here at Fast Easy Ticket, our Jacksonville speeding ticket lawyers have the experience and expertise to help you get the best possible result from your case.

Vehicle Insurance

Besides losing your driver’s license, other negative effects can result from point accumulation such as your insurance rates. The number of points you have on your driver’s license as well as a range of other factors often determine car insurance rates. With more points, you could either have difficulty obtaining new insurance, or your current rates could rise.

Jacksonville speeding ticket lawyers or any Florida speeding ticket lawyer should be consulted quickly if your points are accumulating. With the help of a reputable speeding ticket lawyer, you can take action to avoid losing your license or facing any other negative consequences.

Seek Assistance From Reputable Florida Ticket Lawyers

Speeding ticket lawyers can work on your behalf to help you with your case. They can fight for you in court and have certain citations reduced or even have your ticket completely overturned. To ensure you get the help you need to fight your speeding ticket, be sure to get in touch with our team at Fast Easy Ticket today. With the help of our experienced speeding ticket lawyers in Jacksonville, you can be sure that you will have every chance of fighting your ticket successfully in court.